How is the community you're in decided

I am in a top 10 faction in my region but how is the hilltop and others decided each week as we must be one of the most unlucky factions going we are in the 3rd week and ao far the community we have been in has been 4th place overall wondering how is everyone else getting on

I am the 1 ranked faction and we have placed 2nd, 4th(but we created a new faction during this time), and 1st this week in the community pools. Gotta love RNG.

Top 15 faction,
week 1 we had Kingdom >last place
week 2 Saviors> 3rd
week 3 Saviors again and currently 1st (thankfully)
But yes sadly looks to be RNG, I am hoping all factions will get a even chance at community ranks

I have no idea because I don’t bother looking. This must have been the longest non-event ever.


It’s a very weird event. If you’re in a low ranked community half way through the week you can change factions and trade up. Not exactly “picking where you stand” based on loyalty or ideals now is it (unl as you pick the ideal of “win”)

It doesnt even matter because you can raid and get more than any placement difference with a few cans