How is region wars going for you?


For me its going great :smiley:


It’s great, but boring, stressful, and too long. Lmao. Wish TWD would come on already, so I don’t have to play this shit anymore.

P. S Meant play War this week anymore


Fighting the same damn teams over and over is a bore. No consistent can drops is irritating. Coining for wins and playing into Scopley’s greed, oh that is fun too. Meh, war is a time consuming waste for mediocre prizes.


Fun to play new teams, but everyone is down with the crappy prizes.

Scopely painted themselves into a corner with 6* in response to the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Now we get buffed up 6*, but throttled prizes. Lame


Glad for you


I wish we could downvote threads.


No complaints. Overmatched some fights, walkthrough them like nothing on others. Haven’t thrown my phone yet, this war, so that’s a step up.


Why would you want to downvote his thread? All he did was ask a question. Lmao


yano war is going good …but it sucks when you get matched with the top faction 5 times in a row…:frowning:


Matchmaking screwing my faction. We keep playing top 2 factions from other regions. 3rd place faction from our region gets weak ass factions .


The Ben Hill vs Banks vs Lanier wars have been great. Kudos to us older regions who still throw 5*'s in our main defenses. These wars have been a breath of fresh air

in comparison to the Crenshaw vs Covington vs Colbert wars which has been a big bore with the same repeat Carl/Boobs teams. Zzzzzzzzz


Pregolori hates me :confused:


Everytime the same.

Waiting for an enemy for 1h - 2hours. Win in a few minutes. Waiting for 2 hours.

Our region is active. The other 2 regions not.
CRW is bullshit