How is everyone finding the faction onslaught



Your effort have been awarded so well here is a bunch of bronze mods that we know you won’t use.


I had 2 gold, 10 silvers and yes… I lost count of the bronzes


From the last one i got like 2 gold and 3 silver, not saying a whole a lot bronze mods. I claimed like 6 mods from the collection and maybe grinded 2k trophies…yeah it’s a bit stuck up and process slow but i prefer this running on the background than solo level up. I can at least face different teams or maybe try different teams as well and even though it’s not much i still appreciate what i get


Really enjoyed this. Maybe not as fun as war, but it fixes many of the problems with that game mode.

I have a lot of thoughts, so it might be best to do this in list form

  • The matchups were really good - some really hard teams, some easy ones, but overall very well balanced - our less powerful players always had someone on their level, so it was fun for them, and the others could start from the top
  • It’s so refreshing to have a game mode where you don’t need to coin or buy/manage cans. Usually Scopely monetize everything heavily, but they made it very clear that that’s not how to play onslaught
  • Rewards were not amazing, but absolutely serviceable. More on this below
  • The enemy team is somewhat predictable, at least after the first attack, so you can try different teams to beat specific builds, rather than raiding where you’re mostly up against bots and have no idea what’s behind that Carl. This makes it much more fun to play. You also get lots of attacks, so losing one does not feel as miserable as losing a raid does
  • The teams are much more varied, in raids it feels like I’m up against the same 10 or 20 players and their bots all the time
  • No waiting for team mates to fill queues, no miss the first three minutes and your camp is gone - the mode is very predictable in when you’ll have the next chance to play. Searching times are also very low.

Rewards: Faction event rewards are rarely great, with the exception of war. I got one gold, 4 or five silver (one stun resist even), and lots of bronze mods, enough peas for three mod boxes at least from the museum, and probably enough league tokens for a gold mod box or two, and a couple of pulls from the elite item wheel, plus lots of food and wood. We also got a hundred gold medals or so for the final placement.

Let’s compare with the closest analogue, the last faction raid event: We got top 10 there, and got 1.5k 5* tokens, two silver mod boxes, some easily farmable gear, and from the milestones more farmable gear, small quantities of trainers, and a knife sheath (plus hockey mask, but I’d guess most people have much more trait T4 gear already than they have GPS/canteen). Most of this is completely useless.

So the comparison is: 2 silver (gold chance) mod boxes, 1.5k 5* tokens and a knife sheath, but you have to burn 10 raid cans or more, versus a lot more mods, enough season tokens to easily buy a knife sheath, and the chance to get some gold medals, for free. I don’t see why anyone would ever choose the first option. To e fair, that raid tournament had astonishingly bad rewards, but even the next one with much better milestones, I’d probably choose the onslaught rewards over the faction raid rewards if not for the Christmas collection stuff, especially considering that one is completely free and the other one will take a decent chunk out of my few remaining raid cans.

When the comparison is so clear, why do people hate it so much? One problem is that the placement rewards stop at some point. If the gold medals continued toward the end, so that all factions got 20 or so, it would be better. But I think the main problem is the League problem: Factions are competing against people on their own level. So factions that are usually cruising easily toward top 3 results may see themselves toward the bottom of the event rankings, while lower factions may occasionally score really well. So while the rewards are arguably better, they’re distributed so that factions of all levels have a chance of getting good stuff, instead of the top two or three getting the good stuff and everyone else getting mostly useless crap. Of course, some people will feel that they’re not getting what they’re entitled to… Similar to CRW actually.


Probably because of all the region swapping, tough teams get re seeded to the bottom, you are probably facing top tier facs… well that’s what I think is happening, I’ve had a similar experience


That said, I don’t mind onslaught. Way less pressure than war but more in it than a raid tournament. Sometimes I forget it’s on tbh. But it’s good to test out some stuff… rewards are meh… would be good if we got tokens to spend on league store toons


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