How is everyone finding the faction onslaught


I actually like onslaught, takes very little time and effort.


I dunno, they all seem the same to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Sr is a waaaay better event, the bronze mods don’t make up for all the xp I could have been farming had sr not gotten bumped.


I guess I was lucky then.
I managed to farm 2 gold mods and perhaps 4 or 5 bronze mods.
Surprisingly, no silver mods


Very little time and effort? It’s like raiding non stop. It’s war event with zero prizes, not even worth doing in the slightest in my opinion.


I got like 6 gold mods for 2 mins of time every half hour…worth it


Faction onslaught is more of a drag than ■■■■■■■ SR.

It’s shit and that’s all it is go give the ■■■■■■ who invented it his marbles back and give him a back handed on behalf of me.

Keep on surviving and use cream for that red slap mark.


Finally got a gold mod so that’s +1 in a -99 rating.


Boring and tedious af. So, same old yawnslaught


Everyone complains, everyone bitches about events that dont have frakking ascendables around every corner, i got one gold crit atk on yellow and a bunch of silver and bronze mods. I have been getting league points that will get me gear and work my way up to get me a 5* ascend. Some people are never satisfied with anything, be thankfull you get something at all.


:point_up_2::point_up_2: See above

I cannot remember anything else in the 3 years that I’ve been playing that was universally panned and hated more than Yawnslaught. 98% of the community hates it yet
$¢opely in the quest for more and more :money_with_wings::money_with_wings: continue to run this ignominious failure.

Seriously, what’s supposed to the incentive here, sh!tty bronze mods, a measly amounts of league points and canned beans?! Thanks but no thanks!!

Now if there were Milestone Rewards, a Scorecard, Tiered/Placement Rewards and some Peas & Carrots on top of it. I would participate!! But as it stands I’m not playing it, whether my faction likes it or not. There’s not point and no incentive to play!!
Only the top factions get rewards that are helpful while the rest of us get nothing. Only the ppl at the top and Trolls seem to like it. But they will continue to run it bc they don’t listen to the players


More fun than regular raids. Less fun than war.

I’m also in a lower ranked faction, so most of the teams don’t have crazy shields+revive defense set ups. That probably helps a bit.


Nah, some people in our region drops def for raids so it’s a much faster and less mind-numbing slog. Every team in Onslaught has a full war def up.


Raiding just for the sake of grinding out points/rewards is still not exactly fun, even if it’s against lowered defenses. Actually grinding in general I wouldn’t call fun.


For me it’s all about the league points. Since the only way to get good gear is to buy it from the league store I feel like I have to do it


Yall might hate onslaught mode, but Im enjoying it. It helps gain decent solo trophies needed for milestones while i wait for raid energy to refill.


It sucks. Hi rivers



Dedicated player

Wallet not dedicated.

Praises terrible rewards.

Praises terrible prize structure.

Outcome: … wants everyone to happy with how company is running this sh*t show.


Forum flags incoming, suspension confirmed!!!


To be frank, I sort of enjoyed this event.

Plenty of peas, dropped mod boxes and league store tokens.

Yeah it doesn’t have milestones, and I can’t see any log of how my faction mates did. But mod boxes yes…


I played Onslaught a fair bit this time. Had some free time on hand and I tested some new OFF teams I came up with.

I appreciated the drop of canned beans to work towards the museum mod box collection. Needless to say I got only garbage there.

The mod drop rate was fairly low. I think one out of 8-10 fights dropped a mod. I ended up with around 20 mods, 1 gold, 3 silver rest bronze. Mostly trash.

I was also able to get a couple elite pulls. But these usually don’t drop anything useful either.

The amount of league token dropped was fairly low. Playing Onslaught all day won’t get you enough token for anything useful sadly.

To sum it up, I think this event is still mediocre at best. But this is also due to the fact, that Scopely hides everything in rng boxes. If there was a way to work on a specific item you needed, Onslaught would be more rewarding. But that goes for almost any event they run besides some museum collections where you can pick what you want.