How is everyone finding the faction onslaught


All I get is bronze mods, meh


After +10 hours onslaught and attacking +100 enemies the best drop was a/one silver mod. That’s 100% worth!


Something to do other than raid or level up. New teams from other regions. 2 shield triple revives can be beat w focus. It’s like everyone forgot about the toons w focus active skills or toons like 5* kate or 5* maggie. Put ab s on Kate w the right more and she can stand, focus + high at K butt for all, etc your shield. Pair w a recap toon. Revive that. And new players may be behind the curve but if you have earl working 24x7 u should have no problems having 5 of each weapon spec crit result. I’m f2p for the most part and have no issues a the game mode.

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Because everyone would just gang up on the weakest player and knock them out one at a time. Plus if you miss the start of the event because you know real life this way you can still participate.

If it were the way you’re suggesting no one would even bother with it. It’s all about trying to get people to pay for extra attacks. What I don’t understand is why have such underwhelmingly lackluster rewards because who in their right mind would spend money for a bronze mod, some beans, and a teany tiny amount of league trophies?


Also the other faction can still finish by the time the period ends to get their bonus points for finishing that rd. My complaint i have is if both teams finish w 8 min left in period 2 you have to wait that 8 min plus cool down etc. Once both teams have finished… Wrap it up


I can’t even be bothered to use my free energy let alone buy more hahahaha. Sorry didn’t mean to reply to yours, stupid fat fingers lol


No I said I agree. If an individual dies, they can still be able to attack. But if all 30 members attack, the match should be over. If you kill all 30, the other team can still attack and catch up during the period. I mean silly.


This is my experience so far. Granted, I’ve only fought in like 3 wars since the whole thing is just so boring.


Yawnslaught is showing where the game is going … down the pooper … so many revives and bonus HP, its getting exclusively boring … the CRW and its less than helpful towers killed the game for many people and this event is making me talk alot of players off the ledge from quitting the game … whilst trying to convince myself to stay also

this event has no merit, it only increases my notion that my account is coded with the “curse” 200 fights and 0 silver or gold mods, only 2 bronze … plus im tat level 147 and had no gold on the level increases.

People shouldnt be feeling like this on playing a game, theres only so many times we will all take it

in short … faction onslaught is NOT GOOD


what is this onslaught you speak of…?


It’s so boring lol


I hate it… everything about it


The event sucks, IMO, because we need milestones, a scorecard, etc as has been discussed before. I have gotten 3 gold mod boxes while playing it fairly casually, though, so that’s nice.


I’ve never got a gold mod the entire time this terrible event has been released


I understand what you are saying but you need to throw logic out the window. They only care about making coin sales so if the other faction you wiped early wants to blow money to make a comeback then scopes wants to give them that opportunity.

My point still stands. Who would spend money when there are no rewards? I 100% guarantee people would coin like crazy if the top 3 rewards were ascendables or enough trophies to buy a GPS and Canteen from the league store.


Dumbest event ever but people are still throwing money on yarnslaught so it’s here to stay… saw some guys with over 8k guess they love pissing away money🤷‍♂️


onslaught is a great event. Its 1000x better than Survival Road. Yes, I wished they up’d the league token rewards. I do like the mod box drops although i personally haven’t gotten a gold one yet, just bronze and silver.

what i love about it that it’s a chill PVP format, not like war. no one feels or gets crazy about having to win or be up in every battle. just play as you see fit. win some, lose some. get to see different teams from faction in other regions - awesome! i like some of the scoring metrics - awarded for 5 up wins, etc…


and with all that said - no,why would anyone ever spend on onslaught. there’s not really much to play for. it’s just a nice event to break up the daily monotony.


I got no words !! The picture speaks for itself!!


Thanks for the bronze mods what an event