How is everyone finding the faction onslaught


Seems that I am one if the few players who really enjoy the faction onslaught. I don’t get why so many players are complaining about it. Maybe I have not been playing the game long enough to see the problem.


Well, I am quite sure, that I am also a bad player. I am f2p and cannot attack more than half of the opponents, as they are too strong for my team. But nevertheless I like the event and really missed it the last weeks.




If the bean can drops were higher, might just about be worth my time. Sadly they’re not. :-1:


Dude the bean drop rates are good. I get them every time I raid or play onslaught. You’re just being lazy by not participating which is why beans won’t drop. Play more to get more beans.


Funny. I’m anything but lazy. Let me guess you’ve had loads of silver and gold mod drops too?
Myself I’m only getting bronze. My activity has nothing to do with it. RNG does. Thanks for your input though. Its still a garbage event. :-1:


Well I was just motivating you to play more. Nothing wrong with that. I only got two bronze mods, so far.


Thanks DAD. :joy::joy:


Lol yw.


what kind of a stupid statement is that.

How is it a definition of a noob to be using 3 tyreese for his decap? If anything its pretty smart and the only way to go for most free to play players as scopely isnt giving them shit.

While people that spend out their ass to play this game get Lydias, HS Jesus, Magna Ericka, wayland glen etc what do the FTP get ? Rose, Kenny all toons that are good for SR but a load of junk for PVP. No disarms, Tyeese as the only decap, shitty stats the list goes on.

So if your getting beat by someone with 3 tyreese and you have the toons listed above and your gonna cry about it your the noob. People are only using the tools that they are given and FTP are basically given a spoon to smash a tank with



I like onslaught, it’s more chilled than war but still faction vs faction. I agree they need to upgrade the rewards though


Awesome. 100 bronze mods. Thanks for the basic maths lesson. You must be a joy at parties.


I forgot it was even still running. Got some amazing sleep tho last night! Thanks Scope!


I find it boring. It gives me time away from the game.


As boring as it always is.


For the life of me, I cannot understand why attacks are allowed when EVERYONE is dead. I can understand being allowed to attack if you die right away cause then it would be super boring if you get targeted first, but if everyone is dead, why can’t the onslaught just end? Makes zero sense.


I found it on a button on the left side of screen, where the other events show up.


Uninspiring, unexciting and the most boring event. I never thought that scopes could come up with an event that was more boring than a level up.


gold box drops are worth it.