How is everyone finding the faction onslaught


So far for me loads of double shield teams and a ton of revives. Bonus hp teams also. Weapons are all stuns least majority. Can this even be fixed theirs a massive imbalance.


How is everyone finding the faction onslaught

The community calls it “yawnslaught” for a reason.


What’s strange is I’m in a chill faction like really relaxed but theirs so many double shield teams and them bonus hp and revive teams all with stun weapons or absolute defence.


Trash feature, rewards vs time investment ain’t worth it.


So far I’ve won : 2 bronze mods and 100 elite tokens
Glad to see they increased the rewards after all the negative feedback
Seriously though , do they actually make money from this junk event ? Who is buying refills ? Even some big spenders i know refuse to coin anything here because rewards are so poor .


I find it okay. The rewards are better with Gold/Silver mods and League store tokens. Also the extra trophies for leagues is always welcome.
If you don’t have time to fight properly, you can just farm the lower ranked payers by using autofight.

It’s not as fun as war, but I enjoy testing my team against others and having to think about strategy.


Pure trash. And why isn’t match making pitting us against factions in our own league?


Rubbish! Scopley please listen to the majority of voices on in this forum. People for the most part dislike the event, those that don’t seem to be look warm to it at best. Hardly a glowing endorsement of your “new” “content”


Easy canned beans.


Is double shield triple revive or some variation the new meta. Why do they keep releasing revives and bonus health toons. It isn’t fun anymore.


It’s a lazy and expensive way to put out a defence that is hard to beat.


I kind of like it. I would rather have more attacks and less time between fights but I’m not hating this. I’m finding teams that range from simple to nightmare.

Weapons are pretty much equal for everyone. Yes, you can occasionally buy one but for the most part we’re all evenly subject to the whims of the armory.

I just did 28 attempts for a red stun before I finally got it. You have to plug away. You’ll get it.


It’s certain to be shity


You free 2 play?.


Just because people are f2p dont mean they dont have jobs, i’m f2p and i work 40 hours a week i have things like my bills, house payment and my child that are more important than shelling out my hard earned to pay for coins and toons in a game. The next time you talk about things like that you should choose your words more carefully, or you can end up on the wrong side of some players. Js.


A lot of top factions transferred at some point so they are in the lower leagues as well. That could be a reason your seeing those type of teams. Also with so many wheels recently many players have got lucky and even more players have those annoying teams


Canned beans, that’s why I’m doing it, but for some reason I also find it enjoyable.
On top that, my faction doesn’t force me to do it or spending money on it which is good.
(still got decent place without spending)


Im done with it. We (faction) all are.
No rewards is just stupid.


Im saying that no rewards for an event is stupid.
But thanks a lot for your clever advice.


Stop trolling please, you started the a.hole thing.
League or season tokens are not decent rewards imo.