How is everyone doing on power coins?


I got 13 so far just hitting milestones , doing roadmap , and raiding. Just wondering where I stand.


13 pulls so far


same here


14 and 12


I’m utterly disgusted in myself for opting to do wheel instead of Stash. I got total garbage. Not a single piece of epic gear or any trainers above 3*.


Sadly, I probably won’t won’t make it in time. 13 pulls so far.


I have 14. Just raided enough for an extra one. Wish they’d drop in bigger numbers, but I’m not in a hurry


They want you to buy Rick. :slight_smile:


Hopefully, the next set of badges are much more easily farmable than raids. It’s one thing to face off with opponents who could potentially whup my ass in a matter of turns. It’s another thing to go through the trouble, win, and be rewarded with one to four badges.


The badge count is what sucks. If it was 10+ it would be worth it


14 stash pulls, SR will get me 15, and at the end of week 2 I’ll have about 19-20/32. I’ve been grumpily accepting the marker drop rate, and am slogging thru my natural raid energy because I’m convinced:

I will not get Rick if I don’t work for it.

I’m not saying that in defense of any ethos, and am merely reminding whoever cares, that raids are dropping markers, and I think that Rick is ross.


Nooo. Rick is not Ross. Rick Ross is Ross. Rick Ross is Ross BOAWS.

On topic, I got about 30 something raid cans stocked up. Between one to four badges dropping or not, it’s not worth the effort. And I definitely wouldn’t pay a bunch of money for about 1 extra pull. Honestly, if I lose Rick, then so be it. I’m certain Scopely will give out more ascendable epics just like the rest through daily login tokens or collection events.


14 , should have been 15 but pulled on the other wheel by mistake lol. 10 tokens off what would have been the 16th

This helped


Ducking autoerect…


Mine turned “ross” to Ross.


im hoarding them and will decide on the last day, if i dont have enough to get rick i will try my luck with the wheel


same approach here. 32 = rick otherwise gear wheel


Rick should be free. Most should have 12-13. After you get the rewards from this weekend… should be around around 16-17 depending on where you finished. I think most will will just sneak in to get rick.


13, but i have Ricks T4 6* gear ready to go :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


19 at the moment, still keeping the tokens to see where I would spend them