How is damage calculated between players in Faction Assault?


So here’s my scenario. Let’s say that you’re on the Negan phase of a Faction Assault. All the tank components are destroyed and only Negan is left, who is at 100%. Player A goes in, player B goes in 10 seconds later, and player C goes in 10 seconds after player B. Player A deals 5% damage, B deals 20% damage, C deals 10% damage.

What is the final damage to Negan, after A, B, C finish their attacks? Is it:

a) 5% because player A went in first?
b) 10% because player C was the last person in the group of players?
c) 20% because this was the highest damage in the group of players?
d) 35% because this is the cumulative sum of all the damage in the group of players?


its e) fo sho


This is what I assume, but it’s only a guess.