How is beta so underwhelming?


I think the title says it all.
Ar special is supremely weak. 250% max dmg?
150% to start is even worse.
Leaves everything to be desired.
Alpha is good, but beta is turrible


Doesn’t help that you unlock line damage around level 5 or so.


Funny incident, I just replied to different topic about how weak green Negan is. I think they both share the same fate. :frowning:


Such a twist of fate that the maybe, maybe not difficult, freebie Dwight blows Beta out of the water.


If people actually pull for him, I’m going to be questioning them. There’s that Evasion David which does the same line stun but for two turns instead of one. Just get lucky with David.


A complete disappointment to the reveal to both beta and alpha. But like it was previously stated beta in particular is easily the gator of 6*s. As a day one fan of the comics and kirkmans legacy, I am truly let down by this and think the team should really think about buffing him… It’s hard to believe skybound approved this. Please address this @kalishane