How important are the prayer beads

Anyone know what the prayer beads will be for? I might be short a couple of pulls. Just want to know if it’s worth it to push for them.

You wont know, no one knows, if they did know they wont say, its a gamble, could be something cool and good and helpful, more than likely will be :poop: but that’s the gamble


Hate it when there’s something in the game but Scopely won’t tell you what it’s for, guess it’s that promise of more communication @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely🤷🏼‍♂️


they could give people a hint at least. Like if it was for another pathways type event where you get hundreds of benny’s then I would blast through these last few pulls lol.

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Daoist Prayer Beads from Completing Stash 2 says " For the Upcoming Typhoon Event" Some one had shared the leaked charcs with Typhoon theme.

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thank you. I’ll try to find it

Like those sleeping bags in the supply depot. Still can’t find a toon that needs them and they’re now stopping me stocking up on those penknife thingies you needs for blue revive Jesus and supply depot dr s.

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basically all the knowledge i have on it

personally its too much of a gamble if you are 10 plus pulls away, normally these events only give you 1/3 of a push on the first segment of probably a 5 segment tier paid system. Again its only guess work but going from experiences from the past i would say the beads will probably be in an offer from the getgo for about £8-12

Knowing scopely, you’ll get 500 for an sclass toon that needs 10000 beads

They are Anal beads

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Scopes will release another P2P event with Typhoon theme, and maybe with a exclusive toon for collection for whales use their prayer beads.

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They are for the 4 star toons in the SR depot.

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Probably for the next disgusting power leap Ultra Shite Class toons. Either that or it has something to do with “Typhoon” guessing they’ll be the next collection item you need to collect 1,000,000 of to get a ascendable 5* version of a toon.

If you’re f2p, I wouldn’t concern yourself as it’ll take 2 years to collect them, kind of like blue keys and ice cream cones.

Eh as a F2P player I’m already at almost 2000 ice cream cones from the roadmap already

Where do you get the prayer beads from? I’ve checked the museum and all roadmaps.

They are for the next sclass toon need similar numbers to laopo

The second anniversary stash for completion

Ah thanks. So you can only get by spending then.

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I havent completed the first stash and people are finishing the second :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Yall seriously love spending money on a company who doesn’t care lol. F2p lies if you can complete both.

They are for the new typhoon event coming soon is whatjb said in leads chat