How high are level up scores right now?

With 2000 keys at stake, what are some of the highest level up scores you all are seeing out there?

11 mil first place

41 mil in darlington

There are enough blues in the game to cuck pete hes really not that great imo just the stats are killer making him a hassle unless you have a decent setup. Only thing tht makes him good is the toons around him.


And his AS if you don’t have a control toon ready or your control toons are having to focus on somebody else.

Just trying to get 3 mill is hard enough. Guess no Spending class for me!

22 mil in my region

I never understand this.

It’s just cheaper to buy the keys than to compete for milestones.

You forget people still have bennies from pathway event :smiley:
So is totaly free.

That many bennies from the pathway event was not totally free.

pete is not that great :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

4 s class

Yes they were. I am f2p and got arround 110 boxes. Thats about 1500 bennies.
I can score 40 mil now easily and totaly free.

Yea its pryias, pete is trash besides his stats. Only teams tht had priya gave me troubles tbh, no priya no issue unless rng.

I got hit 3mil in my faction but Im fucked.

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