How hard would it be

How hard would it be to create a restriction on the number of times you face the same faction in a row during a war? Getting matched up and subsequently destroyed by the same top faction 5 times in a row is a sham.
Since you apparently aren’t going to do anything about matchmaking in general, can we at least get a cap on the number of identical matchups we get in a row?

You would have to accept longer wait times in return though


I think this would only work in crw in some regions there are only 3 factions actually trying and are above 200k in this war

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That’s why the only solution is to make this the last AOW and from now on only have CRW but with a complete overhaul to the reward structure so not only the best 3 factions out of 8 regions walks away with anything semi-worthwhile.

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Aow is still fun but should be 6v6 so smaller facs can fill quicker. Would be better matches then.

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If you’re the only two factions with a full party, would you prefer you just both sat there hoping you were quickest to match the next one to fill?

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I think I might be willing to accept a half hour wait in exchange for a different match up, as opposed to instant destruction with zero prospect of success.

If you’ve matched 5 times in a row, you probably find you don’t have any other factions with remotely similar team strengths so you’d be waiting 30 minutes and matching them anyway

I’d like a reroll feature

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