How hard is it?

How hard would it have been to give us choice boxes of collectables / cakes instead of just icecreams or 5* tokens? I don’t want either of those, as im sure many don’t. The choice boxes keep a larger player base happy seeing as they can literally focus what they want therefore creating very valuable rewards.

Also 82k weapons. And solo s.r. and 11mins late. And no cakes or anything that we ask for.

Are you guys hiring cuz I’ve always wanted to get paid to do the bare minimim :grin::innocent:


** get paid to ignore people lol


What an embarrassing company lol


Same with war crates, all collectables should come in the form of choice boxes now


Yeah it’s absolutely ridiculous. As I’ve said On other posts - people can do whatever they want with their money but if you’re still spending on a product that is broken time and time again, the company is not gonna fix anything lol. They make mistakes literally every week and people will still drop hundreds every week, so why would they fix anything or stop making mistakes lmao

Agree. Always choices. For the first time ever i kinda of feel like rewards are becoming more valuable nd relevant because I am choosing what I receive.

This isnt a problem with spenders.

This is a problem with them as a business directly.



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But non appeal to me…

Scopely has left the chat


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: omg, truth!

How much of your player base do you want unhappy?

Scopely: yes


Surely it’s a problem on both ends. The business should provide a service worth paying for - the customers should be paying for things if they deem them acceptable. Currently the products are broken and overpriced. If you rent a car every weekend and every weekend it’s dirty when you pick it up and every weekend you complain … but every weekend you keep going back and renting - it becomes a problem with the ‘spender’ too.


It’s far more a problem with the spenders. As a f2p who bought coins and pulled on a wheel once and ended up extremely disappointed with nothing decent to show for it and so never spent again (there’s a lesson there Scopely), I actually kind of admire them in a similar way to people rubber-necking at car crashes.

The b*lls and total lack of shame or embarrassment at the poor coding and lack of quality control and failure to understand the customer base and its needs plus the inability to think through a decision to its logical conclusion. It’s fascinating to think that anyone would consistently throw money at Them.

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Sneak peek of any Scope’s meeting:


That’s what she said

I want war stash and benedicts.

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