How good is this team? I started a few days ago. Any suggestions?

I named manbun Jesus, lee and michonne but I’ll add shiva even if she was around the time cooper was a reward

Alpha never came out in 2016.

Story mode? Where can I unlock that lol.

Honestly cookland you left like 50 off-topic replies with half of them being underhanded passive-aggressive insults. Must be nice to get special treatment from mods.


Can ya’ll kindly stop arguing on my thread lol

Just mute the thread! Kooky has a habit of taking threads off-topic :joy:

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What is this date?! TEEEELLLL MEEEE!

I’m not implying anything… It was just a joke, kinda. I’ve been meaning to say it was hard for us, time ago, to get more than one team, or some decent leaders that could benefit all the toons accordingly…
Sorry if it appeared offensive or so. :slight_smile:

No worries. I may have just read it using the wrong tone. But yeah, it was so much harder starting out back then. Much more of a grind. Took about a year to get my first 5* toon. Back when 4* were relevant and you could win them by completing road maps. I remember wanting 4* Chuck so bad lol! Killed me that i couldn’t finish that roadmap! :joy:

Now i think of it though, why was there never a 5* and even 6* version of Chuck? Or Molly?

It should be the 26… scopely will continue to widen the gap… Like the 30 days they’ve done so in the last 30 days

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There’s so many things broken or missing in this game, that these questions answer themselves just by browsing the forum for half an hour. :joy::joy:

She was turned into donny

Latest iteration

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