How good is cole?

And what kind of team to use him on i pulled his six star on a walker head pull i got with coins

He’s alright I guess.

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so are weebs i guess

Webs are pretty cool and highly intelligent.

Trust me, I wouldn’t be biased on that.



I’ve been using him on attack. His turn 1 taunt and disarm weapon have worked quite nicely together. I have him modded to about 2800 attack and he works pretty damn well.

I’d play him alongside a good guardian and keep everyone elses HPs lower than his so it limits the available good targets to attack.

well i did finally get my first ascendable gaurdian in that pull i got green ivanova

Green/Blue, could be a good Eric team?

i was thinking of using him on defense but his disarm is useless becuase i have a koa

No, his taunt will work great with a shield. The disarm kicks in when Koa goes down, maybe?

ok so Eric, Ivanova, Koa, Cole, and what kind of toon should be in the last slot

Any revive or healer should fit. Shiva is always a popular place holder til you think up someone better.

i could use shiva solange shawn or the green hershel when he finally ascendable

use solange. But green heath with power stance is also pretty good. It will make koa even harder to take down if you have the absolute defence axe. so your team will go eric lead, koa, solange, cole, and ivanova. The weapons could be up to you. but you probably have stun greens and impair blue already. but def down, ap down, and reflect damage are still pretty good options for koa. you can never go wrong with a hopeful weapon too.



5* Heath on defense? Bad idea, he’s getting decap T1

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