How good is carley

is she a good character for a ftp timeout team

I saw her used very well when she first came out. If you have the right setup she can be useful. It all depends who you have and can put behind her

More of a lead to. Help surprise you opponent. You can rotate your color and keep the same figurehead during war.

Very decent. All depends on what you put around her.

just saying my team is attempting to be carl yvvette carley princess and a blank spot

You’ve gotten my creativity juices flowing. Referring back to my previous topic of needing legendary medals

nice violet

Not nice yet. I have 12 toons to ascend but can’t cause I’m shy about 110 legendary medals

Let’s just say she’s really good on defense.

I have used her a couple times against ranged groups. Her lead helps quite a bit for survivability and her rush even more so. When ty lives through a double attack from michonne its pretty nice. Carly lead conner debuf, yellow rick, ty and blue sid for command.

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