How good is camilla? Ideal melee attack team?

Hey, just wondering how was camilla during war and what is your ideal melee attack team?

How does a Rick lead with Javier, Kate, sandy , Zeke perform r2 against heavily modded whale teams? Is this team able to take them.out r2 with 5X 8ap bonus weapons?

She sucks. Never showed up in my war matches.

Nobody would put her on defense which is probably why. You don’t get to see what the enemy’s attack team is.


I like her. I’ll tend to have her rush for the focus, the burn often finishes this sheild. Rush with harper and hit with Decaps.

Ideal, no but good yes. I’d only she had that atk buff to go with it.

All depends where Javier defense down hits and if they are running 3/4 revives. Guardian is also very pesky. Gonna be tough as you need all the revives to be dead. But it’s a good thought process. Zeke is 76 so he will not be able to rush.

Wanderer, what other characters do you use other than Harper with Camila. Just curious. Thank you in advance sir!

Simply Wayland is awesome.

Toons I toy with
(or would toy with, I don’t have them all)

Harper Bruce

Wayland chris alpha


Beta Knox victor


Shiva, Rick

AP drain
Kal, michonne

Wayland is great against the bonus ho teams because of heal reduction :+1:t2:

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I used camilla lead, bruce glenn carl and alpha.
With a little luck all their ars are ready round 3.
Glenn attack buff, carl and alpha aoe, bruce and camilla clean up. Worked well enough. Not all the time, but enough

Right now I’m using 5* Negan lead , t3 alpha , t3 Harper for debuff, 5* Heath for 85 attk buff, and magna to shield from stuns. It always destroy average team r3. I tested out with a heavily modded Erika team with 500 def 425 hp and 650 def set. Erika life was cut into half. I was wondering if having Camilla and T4 alpha would one shot that Erika team. I guess in war the extra 20 def from general would hurt this attack as well?

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What are your thoughts on alpha. Some people says she is an AR builder. What are you experience with her at high level of play? I run her with a Harper and 85 attk buff Heath and 5 star Negan lead. But she is only at t3. How is she behind Camilla? I used to run her behind SR Zeke but notice that extra 30 attk makes a noticeable difference.


She was amazing. I used her against Carl teams, that could be tricky but Gabe is a great help. I got Wayland last week, once he is up and running I will try him in place of Alpha.

She was amazing for me because I did not have a good melee attack leader.

omg max your toons please… how can you live like that


Thank you very much Wanderer sir. I will try Camila lead, Chris, Naya, Bruce, Wayland. Have a great day!

Use Kal guardian to keep damage and effects off you. Alternatively you can use a sheild.

Would you do a sheild over a revive?

See looks like Camilla Cabello lol

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