How good are gaming mice?

i ordered an rgb cooler master mouse from newegg for $18, and im wondering if ill see an improvement in aiming and stuff in game

idk if the one you ordered has extra buttons on the side but it makes a huge difference. I like to bind melee keys onto it

i think it has buttons on the side, yeah. its a " COOLER MASTER Devastator 3 MM110"

Cool. Yep it’ll give you an advantage. For example in overwatch I like to play roadhog and it’s a combo to hook in and shoot/melee so it gives an advantage there. I’m sure in other games you’ll have an advantage too, like Dota 2 maybe.

awesome. ive been trying to slowly upgrade my laptop for gaming. it came with 8 gigs of ram and an hdd originally, but ive upgraded it to 12, but im taking it to 16 saturday. and i also ordered a silicon power 256 gb ssd, and with this new mouse, i think i’m gonna be pretty happy.

Are use in EVGAX 10 carbon. I play with the DPI on Max and right off I cannot remember what that is. Having mice do make a big difference in tracking. I suggest using the software provided input on moving your dpi up as much as possible

A gaming Mouse is great if you’re really busy, but he can get really annoying with his high pitched voice, and I prefer to play the games myself.



thats pretty funny :laughing: