How far to lvl 5*

I’ve got to do some ascending soon and I was wondering how far everyone tends to take their 5* before they become level up fodder.

I have been finishing t2, and pausing the upgrade so I don’t waste beanies and flaks.

I don’t generally level any 5*s I’m not intending to ascend unless I get desperate for level up points.


Up to T2 in level 60 is enough for a 5*. After that you use him to ascend or turn them into Brian trainer.


I have yet to break in to any of my leveled five star characters. I will keep using basic tokens to get five star characters to use as FODDER Don’t know when they will run out but if they do I will probably start using any five star I do not use for stuff like old-school arena.

I guess I should say I only level ones that I do not have yet or ones that I can take to legendary. Still have quite a few that need to be taken to six star but are low priority. Hopefully I never have to cut into those.

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I used to bring them to T4L44, but with the shortage of gear I might have to go to 60ish or even max them out first - I think in about 3-4 weeks, if not earlier, I’ll be at the point where all my other 5* are stuck at T3L70 or even T2L60.

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Tier 4 Level 45 and there fodder, if I don’t use em in old school there gone👍 I normally get a shit load to tier 4 level one for Lu then they have no use

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I keep the 5 stars just to run scavenger missions and do old school nowadays so… once they get to T4 level 40ish, I would usually think of saying goodbye to them.


That’s where I stoped my *5 ,unless is a ascendbles toon or a Sclass like Clementine. I rather save on walkies and bags since you need them to lv up *5 tier3 ,*6 and Sclass tier 1 ,I dont burn them on *5 more than I needed.

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the reward for the 3rd and 4th tier seems hardly worth the gear. Ill do the first tier because I have plenty of that stuff. How come some of y’all take them. all the way to t4?

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Habit… In the old days of persona leveling, the payoff was better than 6*/S-class and I wasn’t constrained with the gear (back then)… with the 25.0 and now 26.2, I doubt I would T3 any of the 5* that is not ascendable… but I will definitely hold on to my roster of cca 150 maxed 5* along with the cca 50 unfinished T3/T4 ones - keeping at least one of each toon and some useful ones (old school endurance) even in dupes…

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I payed much money for these toons that aren’t even worth a full 5 star trainer even anymore. People do not realize one day if the game continues their s class will be just about as valuable. Thats why you should not stress over every new promo it will be hot garbage once the new OMEGA CLASS comes into play probably in January or March

Ausser für Kampfpass Meilensteine werden die alle geopfert. Ich komm so schon kaum nach alles für die s klasse vorzubereiten

100% agreed… remember 5* priya in 5 star era and 6* Erika in 6* era people were spending like mad for them to pull and now where are those heavey investment toons ???

I keep my Priya under my bed

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Yeh keep doing that

I will do

Welldone …

You’re a funny guy

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