How Factions Handle Faction Assault

Im just curious on how teams tackle Faction Assault

please post your teams plan of attack or any ideas as since this event was created i have seen a lot of negativity within factions from all regions and even people quitting the game because of it

im generally interested in how people do it and does it work in helping others

the first rule obviously is EVERYONE must get a hit in so they can get rewards

My idea would be

start time - 00:00
everyone must hit a basic attack with weak teams so that scores are roughly low and equal
second, these hits should be done in a 10-12 hour period just so different time zones around the world have half a day to go online and do a bitch slap to david the 1st boss
thirdly, after the 10-12 hour first hit time runs out the free for all starts so EVERYONE has an opportunity to gain points fairly and equally. plus with it being a 12 hour basic hit, you can swap lets say midday pm over to midnight am so the otherside of the continent gets their shot at the start and so on

what do you guys think


For he first 24 hours everyone can only use one attack and only with 5-stars to try and give everyone a chance to get a hit in. After 24 hours it’s a free for all.

Good news about this event is that everyone gets 12k and the bags are all the same for every rank.

The problem I always had with FA is it’s set up so stupid. What is with the 5 min timer? It basically forces you to just hit auto and so long as you have revive, bonus hp, and shields you can pretty much waltz through a boss from start to finish. For a strategy game there is not much strategy here.

I also never got why they bothered spending time and resources to make a game addition that most people can only run 2-4 times a month. Seems like a waste. The whole ticket gathering is a super convoluted way to try and get some people to buy world energy cans for farming tickets. Dumb.


Hit with one toon and flee, free for all after 24 hrs, idiots who cant follow directions can be kicked. Rotate start times 6 to 8 hrs each time

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I like your idea. It’s seems perfect. Gonna pass this on to our faction leader. Thanks.

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to me, i love this event, ive actually bought toons designed to run assault much more efficiently

to me, i feel 24 hours plus on this event when theres no faction event running is a waste, its just dead time … but thats the selfishness in me, id love to have a free faction assault where it doesnt cost tickets or give rewards just a free run through, id love to time myself beating the course too

The 24 hours is just so everyone gets in a hit. There are always a few stragglers who either forgot or got caught up with real life.

For example, last night after the 24 hours was up we finished off the t6 boss within 1 hour. So it’s really not as big of a deal. Normally you have to wait a few days before being able to start one so at that point, the 24 hours really don’t matter.

Doing things in blocks of 24 hours makes it fair for all time zones. Scopley should take a page from this for all events. :smirk:

This is what we do. Still have some members seemingly able to score 900k yet claim they are following the rules. Who cares? I’ve got more Tara’s than I have flare guns and the store isn’t particularly good value so its all about the jumpers for me.

12 hours advance notice, 2 hits every 12 hours. Rotate start times every 12 hours. Easy to follow, if you don’t get hits in, its on you.

Never takes more than 24 hours “after” the advance warning.

That’s why I like @Justgitgood’s idea. First 24 hours everyone gets a SINGLE hit and then flees. After 24 hours free for all. No more having to take someones word they legit put up 900k or didn’t sneak in multiple hits.

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You have just summed up how we already do it Clem, works well and everyone gets a shot at it

We do one hit with a 5* team.
It’s pretty fun to see how far you can get. (Not very fair)
Then wait for everyone to have a turn out if 12hours is up.

Make sure to contact on line those who haven’t done a Attack yet.

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Sweaters are the same but the bags and markers are different.

Yeah, your right 4-30 are the same and 1-3 get a 2nd chance the tara crap as per usual. For some reason when I checked last time I thought they extended it for all ranks.

Silly me to think they wouldn’t be cheap as per usual. :wink:

  1. Everyone is given minimum 48 hours notice and another notice in between.
  2. First hit you can do whatever.
  3. You have 24 hours to make your hit.
  4. Free for all after 24 hours, doesn’t matter if everyone has hit or not.

Some people would send a screenshot of their hit to show it was done with only 1 turn.

We eventually modified from timed attacks and one attack per player for so long and all of that because there was always somebody going rogue, playing while drunk, etc and it created loads of animosity. We settled on this method: announce the start time well in advance, 24hrs or more and then give reminders when getting close. Then, we go free for all on all bosses up to Negan. At the tank, we ceasefire until everybody has attacked. Those that missed the initial rush get one attack on the tank. After all have hit, ceasefire is lifted. This method has solved all issues that we used to have. Also, we alternate start times between noon and midnight to make sure all shift players have a reasonable chance to contribute.

me personally i liked the assault farming methods, bring people who can hit right away and blast through it as fast as possible, obviously this can’t be done in a proper faction though

i just cant stand people who dont hit at all but you can see them raiding levelling up etc lol

frustrates the hell out of me.

The issue with the “no-hits until all have got one in” is that it totally randomises the time when the faction is allowed to let loose. Kinda makes it beneficial to be the last

1 hit with a 2* until everyone is on the board then we go ham, start time changes every fa

thats why my new idea was to regulate a warm up period, if you miss your hit in the 10-12 hour time frame its your own fault then

that way free for all is on a timer, no last hit to make it a FFA