How F2P can help #playersunited

There’s been a lot of discussion in the #pu movement about how whales and big spenders can impact Scopely’s bottom line until change is implemented.

I’d like to start a discussion on what low spenders and f2p players can do.

For starters, we need to boycott offers. Scopely and Tapjoy don’t give gold out of the goodness of their hearts. How it works is this:

Game of War Clone XV pays $5 per referral to download and player conversion.
Tapjoy keeps $2, Scopely gets $3, and you get 2000 gold.

Example 2:
Anime Girl Softcore Game pays $.04 per ad view. You watch the ad. Tapjoy gets a penny, scopely gets 3 cents, and you get 3 gold. This sounds like nothing, until you realize thousands of players were watch a dozen ads a day for years.

The point is, if we’re really trying to vote with our wallets, we need to stop generating referral income for these clowns too.


Open source the investors and start there.

Some big names would hate to be tied to scandalous activities from the company they profit from.

Would be nice if they knew the wrong being done.
I’m sure their social media would love some attention.

I find it odd that replies to this thread have disappeared since yesterday…

or we could all just play the game and have fun and not worry about what other people choose to do! :slight_smile:

Considering my game is bugged again this weekend and crashed, and I’m locked out of it again, that’s not really an option for me.

Yep this is how to really get their attention and force changes

Youve mentioned some things that the f2p and low spenders of #pu are already doing :blush:
I would say the majority of players supporting this movement are f2p and f2p ish.

Thx for ur support


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