How does weapon and leader skill stackct

Blue tye has a 30% atk weapon and receives 40% atk from mirabelle but atk pts not adding up



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They don’t add together and then multiply to your base. And mods come into play too. When you are seeing your toon in the roster that value does not take leaderskill and weapons into account. In battle that’s the true value.

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And the mod values are added after all the multipliers are done. That’s why it’s confusing when you look at the base stat + mod bonus in your roster.

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I got that Its a bit off as well not much but numbers weren’t exact
Sorry meant that for op
Actually upon redoing this it’s not off
1942Ă—1.4= 2718.8
2718.8Ă—1.3= 3534.44
3534+ 505+335=4374

Weapon buffs and mods aren’t obvious.

A 40% weapon buff isn’t a 40% buff… It’s broken out. 30+5+5

1000* 1.4 = 1400
1000* 1.3* 1.05* 1.05=1433

Small there but over 2-3 multiples adds up

And like Opie said, Mods also get added in the damage calculation after all multiples… meaning they aren’t impacted by buffs.

I found my old file from a while ago… I’ll update it and post today

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According to the above posted this is exactly right. There’s also a reference guide on forums that has a lot of stuff that’s helpful. The devs who actually do this stuff put it together

Thanks for the help this cleared it up