How does this offer make sense?


Kalishane, who at your company think this is a good offer? What idiots do you guys take us for? $100? I wouldnt spend $10 on this.




damn, that’s just cold. :joy::joy::joy:


Lol id still debate the value at 9.99

Before i had 2 liliths ans 10 burts for 49.99 so for $250 i can max the ar of one 6* and get 1.5 tiers done lololol seriously its insulting, you’d make so much more money if we actually got something for a reasonable price. @kalishane it’s not even supply and demand at this pt it’s how much lvling an ar or active is worth and tbh you’d still probly see low sales at 99.99 for 10 of em.


Scopely is just dum, is it better to have 2 people buying this offer(whales) or if they where let’s say 15$(with less trainers) and having 200 people buying them?


Scopely have always overvalued their products, but lately these offers are just downright laughable. I could buy a brand new video game for the price of that offer and get hours of play out of it instead of some trainers and food. Its ridiculous.


trollspely you know


There not offers…that’s what I don’t get…
There insane packages full of stuff that’s way over valued.

I’d like to ask Scopley staff…would they buy the package for that much?
If they say yes they must be making a fortune and not value money at all.

Even if you got the best possible pull you could from the crates you get it would not be worth it.


Every scopely employee puts on a show of being f2p lvl 10 and not having done a pull yet cause still saving coin. Lol maybe they know something we dont…or do and choose to ignore.


I would buy it for $10 no doubt. But $100 its a joke agreed


They’re milking the game, they know it’s going to be dead by next year


There are people who buy this offers, that’s why Scopely continue it.


Maybe that’s not the real offer and it’s a glitch in their programming. Remember now no refundsGIFs201710494518


I was told there’d be no math


I bought a new video game yesterday. 20$ on steam, tons of fun. Already started playing less twd, no regrets.