How does the evasion skill work?


Exactly how does this special skill work? How does the damage I give come to 0? I’ve heard many things. Just want to know the truth.


%120 dmg = 0 aka when ar is full


?? I don’t get it


It negates dmg according to number of AP stacked by toon. Lets say 6star Negan is at 50 AP. After all the attack vs def math game does he would be hit for 100dmg, if his APs would be 0. But his AP is at 50, so he gets hit only for 50 dmg. If his AP would be at 80, he would take 20 dmg. So in general - it deducts damage equal to number of AP from what you would be hit by.

You keep hitting him for 0 dmg, since his def stats are very high (I guess he is under Carl lead and with def buffing weapons) and his APs are very high - mostly due to the fact many people don’t level Evasion toons AR level. Hope it clarifies it for ya. This is what I understand to be correct, so if I got it wrong, please correct me :).


Sadly not anymore. Remember the 6* buff ? The highest would be 100% with 88ap now.


Almost accurate. Evasion prevents 120% of the current Evasion Specialist AP from attacks.

0 AP - prevents 0 damage
50 AP - prevents 50 * 1.2 = 60 damage
100 AP - prevents 100 * 1.2 = 120 damage…

Special skill evasion!

Wouldnt it be better if its % based instead of flat ap amount?

There are several people running 6* Negan with 1/10 AR as it makes Evasion stronger. Ofc its a tradeoff, but its kinda sad that when you level your AR your Specialist skill looses value.


@CombatDevIl @kalishane could you take this to the team?

The math is simple so that the evasion damage reduction stays the same for all AR levels.


@CombatDevIl is evasion supposed to work when the character is stunned?


Yes. For 6* Abraham its clearly stated that his skill gets disabled. Not for Evasion though.


I"m sorry I got confused with the example, is it a reduction of 120% of the damage incoming or 120 flat damage reduction.

I have being against some Negans and even hitting them with AR the damage done is really low, with a Mirabelle 6* AR, something around 100-180 damage.


Its flat dmg, confirmed in a post on the old forums. Ill try to look it up


Couldnt find the other post, but it states fairly good how it works in the post.

If you have 76 ap your evasion skill will block 76 * 1.2 (120%) = 91.2 flat dmg of the enemies attacks.


@Propain. Actually, the damage reduction stays the same, it is always 120% of fighter’s current AP, but I understood what you said, that the max evasion potency doesn’t be affected by the MAX AP reduction upon level up. Truth be told, I don’t see that changing, have you seen this evasion in a tank guy with defense boost weapon? Even 50 MAX AP can reduce a lot of regular damage to 0, it is 100% chance Absolute Defense that it is not stoppable by stun.


I just double checked the Evasion design brief passed to me before answering that, combat is a huge complex system, sometime I don’t know everything by heart :p. It doesn’t state the Evasion should stop working when stunned as other specialty skills do. Then, yes, evasion works in stunned fighters.


After the regular damage calculation (attack x defense), Evasion reduces the income damage in 120% of the current AP.

  • step 1: regular damage calculation - let’s say it would cause 320 damage
  • step 2: check how much AP the target (an evasion specialist) has - let’s say it got 50 AP.
  • step 3: calculate the evasion damage reduction: 50 * 1.2 = 60.
  • step 4: reduces from the income damage the evasion part: 320 - 60 = 260.
  • step 5: final damage is 260.


I have a Negan behind a Carl with what i consider is the perfect weapon for him in Huge ap when attacking, 35 def and AD so i do know his work:)

I just think its abit odd design that a spesial skill looses some value if you level up your AR.

Negan with maxed AR has 76 AP, which gives you a damage reduction off 76 x 1.2 = 91.2.

And with a 1/10 AR lvl the max AP is 88 after the patch. Which gives you a damage reduction off 88 x 1.2 = 105.6.

A difference of 105.6 - 91.2 = 14.4.

Its a small and most likely insignificant loss, but i still find it odd that the Evasion skill looses some value when you level your toons AR.

You can maybe compare it to a Neutralize skill only working if the target had 95% AP, or Execution worked at 20% if you had max AR compared to not leveled the AR at all.

Dont you find it abit odd design?




Thank you sir, it’s very well explained.


Just wondering how one could evade an attack if they are stunned. I understand that the description does not state when not stunned like lightning reflexes and indomitable. Was just wondering if it was a overlooked thing like guardian skill.