How does someone get 2 Kapoor's?

How do you get to Kapoor’s?

VK .com :joy:


who would want 2 kapoors


Someone that’s level 32



One of Vk little bitches

Whaaa-??? That’s strange. My Kapoor collection disappeared like christas did in the museum, so what in the actual. @$&:;#???

Kapoor’s collection vanished for you? That’s very interesting, because the unclaimed ones are still there. Until now, I thought that collections vanish for everyone, and only a while after they are no longer active.

I believe museum collections reset when you transfer regions. He probably collected him in one region, transferred and collected him in the second. Could be wrong though.

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We have someone in our region who has two and joined the faction in July, before Kapoor came out, so it can’t be that. I also doubt it’s VK, to be honest, because cheating in such an obvious way to get a toon that you won’t be able to fully tier up doesn’t make any sense, especially if you could hack in a much better toon. I’d assume it’s a freak crash when collecting from the museum, with precisely the right timing so that the toon is added to the roster but the museum collection is not marked as completed.


This could be true. I have 2 Sergios (Not that I use either). I had a long drawn out game issue I won’t detail, but support ended up crediting me one, then I still ended up completing the collection. People always want to jump to cheating first, but there are weird things that happen sometimes.


Well maybe VK had Kapoor on sale. And it’s a cheap hacker.

If it was cheating, why not 5 Kapoors

Well how much does one cost?

Just doesn’t seem like someone who still has two five stars in their lineup would be cheating. Must be a new region error or something.

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They are obviously cheating you can’t get two of them

Because he was on a server at launch and switch ti another to get a second, dont waste your time to try if it work. Its patched already

Also in arena those who make a def 5* with him or james can still use that defense on the arena until they cange it

It disappeared from active collections(in progress). I still have it in the finished collections (my collections) . the only thing I still have in progress is the head exchange for whole heads. But yes. Its not in my active anymore so Idk how someone can collect 2 Kapoor. Lol

Its either someone in support screwed up or he’s bought one somewhere or something. Could it be a faction supporter maybe? No there’s only 5 of them. Hmmm Idk. That is strange. But I’ve had stupid stuff happen to me in this game so I’m not going to say they are cheating.