How Does Someone Become a General in War?

I know this has been asked before. However, I feel like there is still a lot of confusion behind this. Does anyone know exactly how you become a general in war? @kalishane or anyone else that may know? Thank you!

Have good toons auto fill

Without considering weapons or leaders

Highest total Team hp + atk + Def you have ever used.

Basically this although leader is no longer necessarily in top 5 for total stats since that slot is prioritized to leader skills only.


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Ima let Tom Cruise answer the OP:

I quit.


Well reason I ask is because I have been gen a few times in my faction, and when I am not gen, the others who do become gen have less t4 6*s than me

I’m more than sure goes off the strongest roster build

Whenever I get beat out I asked the person and they usually have one or two more six star ascended than I do

BS. People are so obsessed with money

I’m a P10 player in #1 faction and was general most of the time last Blitz war.

The commonly agreed upon metric for default general status is aggregate auto-fill team total—>spenders are usually generals.

Jokes are at their best when they are explained in detail.

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The only thing that is certain about what defines who is general is that no one knows for certain what defines who is general.

The explanations above, based on info directly from Scopely, have been proven multiple times to be wrong. They don’t know, we don’t know, no one knows.

But at least now you can pass that general star around and let people share the fun


That is true but I’ve never seen a weak person become general ever. Like I said everytime I get beat out the person that beats me has a stronger roster than I and it very well could be due to money I never became General until I was S5

The “official” answer was it was based on highest the (unmodified) attack + HP + Def of any team you have ever made (even if you don’t use that team any more or have it saved).

However the past forum (when generals were fixed long before 6★s were a thing) was littered with cast iron proof that the official answer was bollocks.

I would link you back to threads stretching close to 400 posts on the issue but it seems Scopely hasn’t been paying their hosting bill.

As I was told also

I also have had people tell me that they were General until they ascended many of their five stars which took them out of the running so if you can discard some characters and lose the general spot then how can it not be the strength of the roster that gives you the spot to begin with

I’ve been general for life since the inception of 6* despite having a much smaller roster than the majority of my faction and definitely not having as many premier toons.

I can only conclude that blowing the majority of my roster up as fodder has meant that my score on whatever metric is used is higher than those who still have a considerable sized roster

It’s based on who has the most Characters at max level.We used to test this on Epics and keep some at level 79

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I only have 2 tier 4 6s and started getting gen regularly these past blitz wars. I am getting gen over members of my faction that have 4 or more tier 4 6s. I was a permagen in the 5* meta, and feel my overall roster is starting to factor in for whatever reason. I do not believe even Scopely knows what determines a gen, as the algorithm seems to randomly change. There are definitely deciding factors outside of who has the strongest autofill.

Horseshit. Why a tall would a computer at worst pick somebody to protect three other faction mates do you really think they’re going to pick a week individual you people are crazy what’s the strongest roster

Literally no one said that. At this point, most people with 6s have “strong” rosters, and deciding who will be gen doesn’t always fall to the person that has the highest stat autofill. Believe me, we’ve tested it.