How does one’s connection affect the Top100 highscore?!

So, not the first time it happens that at a certain point of the season the total league score doesn’t match the one showing on the Top100 score.
Thought i should report what seems to be a bug. But the reply from support completely amazes me. So, it’s not a bug. It’s my connection. I should get a better one.
In conclusion, LOL.
Seriously I rather stay without a reply than to have to read that big BS. On top of that no compensation or help fixing the scoreboard was offered. Just accept it.

TOP100 is for biggest spenders
Becouse SR counts highest with war as second

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League score is the same… if you score within the top100 you show up in the top100. It has nothing to do with which event is on. It was matching until 3 days ago and no war event was on. At a certain point it was over 50k difference in scores.

I have the same bug.Scopely will not investigate.

You need to be in diamond IV to be on toplist

Glad to see this isn’t just affecting me. I should be around 30th. Currently not appearing in top 100 at all lol

Same. Should be around 90th.

I am Diamond V still not on it… :man_facepalming:t3:

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Check milestone where you are?

Well past final milestone, in D5, was on top 100 then suddenly disappeared.

It’s not a new bug, has happened in previous seasons as well

They count two different things thats the deal.
Leader of all have 1.69 in toplist but 1.72 in his card

Regardless, my score ON EITHER listing would put me top 30/35

It was more annoying when it happened in the final league stretch when i was on for a top 10 finish, ultimately it doesn’t matter but still needs fixing

Low priority compared to other issues, still shows just how little care and attention is paid overall to the product though

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show me your milestone then

From milestone


and you are in diamond V then you should be on toplist


This is what we are saying, me and Angel have exactly the same issue.

I always just put it down to the game being a glitchy pos but who knows lol.

It doesn’t really bother me, I was pissed the league stretch where i pushed as i wanted a top 10 overall finish.

Maybe @TayTron could interject here?

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I must have a really bad connection because it keeps not recording my score properly in the top100. :joy: Now i have 862k league trophies, it shows only 779k in the top100, but according to the milestones i am 13k from reaching 800k so that makes it 787k…

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How difficult is it to make sure all the numbers are the same? Stupid game :joy:

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