How does my team look


Looking like a real solid start :+1:t3:

looking good! Doing a hell of a lot better than I did when I started out

thanks i have daiyu too but she gets killed so easy by other christas so i dont use her

aim for priya, collect those ice cream cones

Ok I guess I’ll go for Priya and btw I also got Douglass to ascend he will replace harper

Don’t replace Harper she’s great for her disarm/stun and her awesome debuffs

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Douglas is a much better healer than Rosita, because his adrenaline rush annd active skill can mess up your opponents. If you have an impair weapon for him that is even better. :slight_smile:

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Wow. That’s a heckuva start! Way to go! Solid! I love Christa. I’m so glad I chose her too! Looks great tho! Grats!!

thanks ill replace rosita with him as soon as i ascend him

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This team looks super solid. I see you already said you are planning to replace Rosita with Douglas which will definitely help.

Getting a 6 star version of Glenn’s leader skill will help a lot too. Options for that are either Priya or Andrea from the Supply Depot. (Of those two, Priya is much better.)

And last crafting on ‘huge bonus to AP’ to all of the weapon you are using. That may take a while to get the Armoury levelled up enough, all the research done and all the weapon parts you need collected. So this one may be more of a long term goal. But getting your rushes off faster will help a ton.

Just be sure to make an impair weapon and either load up the weapon with crit or give him a good crit mod (I personally do both) so he sets off his guardian shields it helps a lot