How does my team look btw

Ik it’s not the best, but I started in bledsoe like three days ago, and my entire team except Christa has maxed ar. She’s only at level 3 on it.


Good in just three days


thanks. i gave my christa a large bonus to ap when attacking, and romanov leader, she can rush fast. im thinking of putting a command in there too to command her so she rushes even quicker,

Only 3 days in? Good job!


It’s a good start. You are taking advantage of leaderskill already which is great! Remember it’s a marathon not a Sprint, you will grow :slight_smile: but that’s a solid looking team for starting out. Get that Christa AR up soon as you can, she will be your biggest hitter.


get a command and rush christa second round!

Level uo that vrista…I even user her as well on my team shes oretty amazing

Good set up would recommend a command over a heal I regretted that when attacking when I started

Decently solid team actually. I see u also utilized a very good lead skill for your team. Just 1 thing, try get a very large bonus to ap weapon for christa. She can rush much faster that way.

Edit: never mind, an ap bonus weapon wont do much since your lead skill does that already

I wouldn’t even worry about it yet just build around christa