How does magna stack up?

Sure, if it works for you, it works for you. Just wanted to point out that the method is quite a bit more expensive, so people can make informed decisions.

On topic: Now that I have Magna, I was wondering whether leveling rush and active would be a good investment. I kept blue Magna at 1, but I also use her on defense and want the AI to rush/active as little as possible. Red Magna seems good for attacking, so it might make sense here to max them.

I took her active to 5 and left her rush at 1. I like having the option to as on turn 3 on offense as that when I will pop diego or Dale’s debuff.

Just pulled 3rd plat from mystery in my mini, after pulling bronze in my main. I don’t think it’s off topic at all, op was talking about deciding if magna or something else from surv Depot was more worthwhile.

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If he beats the odds then he does better. But you can’t rely on beating the odds. You could pull fewer than average, then it’s even more expensive.

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In the long run, pulls will even out to average, so quitting while ahead might be smart

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. :slight_smile:

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I’ve given up on ever pulling Ajax, thankfully I had a Magna already and didn’t use her for fodder.

Almost to T4, just need the rest of the gear and she will be good to go for me.

This sr event came at a perfect time, the markers will help

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I am leveling her up. Although I am so disappointing at the gear situation. Absolutely no reason she should need SR gear to level, as she was not a SR character. Add to that, this whole “chasing the refresh” BS. Been watching the depot for 2 or 3 days now, waiting for one more sleeping bag to show up. Guess what has shown up day after day? Non sale knives.

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Let’s be real when sr was a pita it was bad but now sr is ok and not taking too much time. This allows us to avoid the gear crunch that exists and would make it even worse to level them to be honest. I have enough sr markers to t4 magna already and started with zero but I did have her 5* already.

Even better, when you FINALLY do pull a useful mod, it ends up having the RNG give it the worst possible stats.

She has done me well. I had 2 if her before she was able to ascend so lucked out there. But she holds up better for me then sc andrea

cant complain

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