How does increase rush damage by 10% work?

If on aarav does it mean 825% rush damage or 760% damage, so confused on how this works

I assume the former… the latter would be pointless.

Where does the 825% come from? His rush is 750% so the 10% would make it 760%?

It says ‘add’ ten percent, so my assumption is thus not compounding and is just 760…

Just like the mod. It’s additive so I’f I had a 1k plat attack mod on Priya and she rushes that 1k is just added on top. It’s not compounding. Because in the mod shop it says ‘ADD’ 1K attack

If it said increase or times, or buff it would be different and most likely 865 or wth that number was

Increasing anything else by a percentage and not a flat rate in this game is multiplicative not additive so I don’t see why this would be anything different.


10% of 750


It ultimately depends on what you view as “rush damage”.

If you think the %modifier is the “rush damage”, you might think of it as +10% as the modifier is quantified as a %.

If you think the damage output as the “rush damage”, you might think of it as 1.1 x damage output as the damage output comes out as a flat damage rather than %.

I lean towards the latter as that makes sense logically.

@LadyGeek is usually the best to answer questions like these.

I personally read it as increase rush by 10% if it’s 750% it would then be 760%

I thought it is 10% of 750%??! This is a good question. Just wait what LG say to this

Just give him +45% attack when attacking enemy with 50% or more hp and stop this argument✌

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Like i said :+1:t4:

If you put a 20% wep on a toon there att stat goes up 20% maybe it’s this way, but that does say damage so if you did 1000 damage it should be 1100 :man_shrugging:t3: