How does critical chance work?


So I got the S Class James and noticed his weapon gives +60 crit chance. That’s not a percent.

I also searched up and it says 100 crit chance doesn’t mean guaranteed critical.

Is there a maximum crit chance that guarantees critical attacks?

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The math is a bit weird but

50% ≈ 50. 50 + 40% = 70%

60 + 70% ≈ 100%

So he can definitely be a nonstop Crit monster

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Crit works on a decreasing marginal returns scale. Which means the higher crit you have, the ratio of crit to crit chance becomes much less.

So maybe at +1 crit, it has a 1:1 ratio. So + 1 crit = 1% crit. Maybe at +20 crit, it is equivalent to 15% crit. So essentially the more crit you have, the less value it actually holds.

I believe the idea behind it is so you can never truly achieve 100% chance to crit

Not sure I follow.

Is this a known thing or based on your own experiences?

You can have well over 100 crit with mods, ld skill, weapons and status effects and still fail to crit. It’s as @Verdeiwsp stated
Harder roadmaps and horde events also seem to reduce crit percentage.

Scopely have never released the formula afaik, it would benefit everyone if they did and disadvantage no one. But Scopely logic…

Basically it’s an asymptote - you’ll never achieve guaranteed crit

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when you get a 100 of crit, its a 50% of do a crit damage, in the post of battle mechanics appear this

Actual numbers from the developer:


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