How does Burn Damage get resolved

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I’m wanting to know exactly how burn effects work, specifically with other burn effects. I know burn effects don’t stack like bleeding, but how is the burn effect determined when faced with multiple burn possibilities. Specifically, if I have a combat mod with 220 burn for 4 turns on one toon and a combat mod with 200 burn for 4 turn with another toon, which burn effect will be used? The effect from the toon that attacks first or the effect with the overall highest damage?

Also what about 200 burn damage for 4 turns by combat mod vs 400 burn damage for 2 turns applied by AP? Which effect takes precedence?

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I’m guessing tbh, but pretty sure it’s just whichever effect proced 1st.

If just like buffs, higher damage bleed is always used, regardless of duration. If the higher damage bleed has a shorter duration than a lower damage bleed, the lower damage bleed does not reappear after the higher damage bleed expires.

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with the stuff ups scopely has lately watch the two burns cancel each other out, two wrongs make a right
so 400 over 2 turns and 300 over 4 turns changes to 100 over 2 turns

Bleed stack, burn does not.

So the best way is to use only one toon with burn, with the highest amount of burn damage.

Thanks for the advice, my thought as well, but with Naya Weapon aktive skill and AP doing burn damage, I’d like to know how they would react with each other and with combat mods.

Try it out by raiding your faction mates. That’s what I’m going to do.

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