How does attack down resist mod works?

Is this a bug? I notice it by accident and curious how does attack down resist mod works actually?

Upper picture is the dmg with attack down resist mod equipped and below is when the mod removed.
I know maybe it is not that important because most players are not using that mod, but i just curious because already spotted it

Shouldn’t work as pictured, just a visual issue? Did you try the character in a battle with / without this specific mod and did you notice any difference regarding the attack value?

What its is supposed to do is Resist the attack down effect.

Ghe 25.0 update introduced vusual glitches where certain weapons >30% stat boost were showing max 30% stats in the team build screen and usage of certain mods seemed to screw the overall stats to 10% (or close to that).
Didn’t encounter that myself (yet), but from the other posts it all was just a visual issue and the battles worked normally (i.e. with actual stats as expected).

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