How does arenas work

I’ve had 7 entries into today’s arena and had six flawless runs, I’m still finishing 5k behind the guy at the top. How are the starting points offered? I get the feeling I could play this all day long and not get offered enough win points to get any closer to top spot

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Its RNG… I used 4 tickets. Still fall short #1 by around 50k

u prey and hope for the best

Well that explains that then - highest score I have been offered on the opening entry is 5.9k. Not sure this event is working as well as it could

Lol… ah yes… just stay surviving :wink:

You think they want everyone to tie? If you want to me assure of winning endurance is way to go but might cost ton of tickets

Yeah my fac leader told me that too. 5* is my favourite event… well was until I have found out that Scopely couldn’t design a well thought out event properly if it’s very existence depended on it. I’ll add it to the big pile of unsatisfying bits of gameplay along with hordes and single special event territories

They have old school endurance too even had a champions endurance.

I never get anywhere so i just auto fill then auto fight. Same result as actually trying lol

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Same as everything else in this game- RNG bucket

If it makes you feel any better I used 15 tickets (and 19 once) and couldn’t get enough points with flawless attacks to get above 4th place due 100% to rng.

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