How does AI handle attack order?

Let’s say I have four toons ready to pop round three, how does the AI determine who to send first, second etc. ? Is it possible to control this somehow or is it completely random?

Given what happens when I press the Auto button the AI does what it can to screw me over…


:joy: yup same here lol. would be pretty cool to have the ability to prioritize the toons, would add another layer of strategy.

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It is random unfortunately. I haven’t noticed any ordering based on rushes being prioritized over normal attacks.


Order = random

Rush is Prioritized over active

If toon can rush they will be commanded (if command toon hasn’t attacked)

Shields will defend unless rushing or active triggering (will not defend if only one left alive)

Toons will target those they have a trait advantage over.

Actives have a % chance of triggering (?20%?)

Neutralize toon will target toon with full Ap.


Thanx for the insights dude, appreciate it.

I hate how it works it always screws me over or makes the battle lasting longer than had i finished. Basically use it for final kill or final 2. Without fail the decap never does the final shot, an active goes off thats useless at that point, or when i would assume an active would go off it doesn’t.

Great insight. Few points i’d add

This is mostly, but not 100% of the time.

Obviously only if available and would work (i.e. revive only active won’t proc if no one is dead). However I think toons tend to prioritise active a little more than 20% of the time, but agree it isn’t all the time.

The AI carefully figures out the worst possible move on your behalf and then executes it 100% of the time. Keep surviving! :wink:


Revives seem to happen when possuble as do many other status effect clearing actives.

But control actives like tyrese or Cole control toons seem to be infrequent.

Quick related question. Is there another way to tell which enemy is ready to rush (knowing that at least 1 toon is by the neutralize icon lighting up) other than attacking with a neut and letting the AI select which toon gets hit?

Do a long press on enemy :slight_smile:

Long-press on any target and you can see their AP and if they’re ready to rush. Note that active shields will not let you select any character other than the shield unless you have focus.

I know about long pressing, but I don’t see where it tells you how much adrenaline they have or whether they are ready to rush.

Edit - I see now! Top right. Wow that is going to be a game changer!


Also active skills of revive with an added effect like sandys taunt like to go off to taunt and waste the revive

The AI sees what will make you win in the least amount of turns, and then does whatever it can to prevent that.

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Yeah, I suspect that it might vary depending on what the AS does.

AP up is the most stupid sometimes. Always love seeing a Carl, surrounded by his dead team mates fire off an AP up to give himself 17 AP when attacking would have given him at least 20AP

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