How Do you stop this?


In raids, I keep getting matched up against people using teams of all 5* ascendable Andreas and a command character. My only 6* is Hershel and the Eagle Eye adrenaline rush one shots. My fast people aren’t amazing besides 5* Negan, and 5* Maggie. Any way to stop this???


Skip that opponent when you are searching, you do not have to fight everyone it matches you with.


There are to many. It’s either skip them or face some maxed out legendary


You’re doomed!


Can i get a pic or your roster/weapons and the teams your fighting with/against? Id love to help :slight_smile:


Welcome to 2016


There are various ways round it. I used to run 5★ Carley lead - most characters behind her will take a couple of Eagle Eyes and live. Then just run heavy Fast toons to quickly take the Andreas down.

With enough 8% AP weapons, AOE rushes and commands, you can also make a turn 1/2 rushing attack team to slaughter them before they can rush

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Mods and weapons can help a lot. My souped up level 90s were nearly taken out by 5 level 1 2* Isabel’s in territories last week. I go through phases of this and stop raiding if I can’t win anything.

My other half is s7 and has started being matched against s9. He just keeps scrolling through using food to get beatable opponents.

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Sounds like the new Zachary meta :joy::joy::joy:

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Hope you’re joking.
Those isabels are hacked lol

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A team like that is easily beatable with some common characters. Basically 4* Beth and 4* Abraham are your best friends. Run SR Zeke as leader and take two command characters plus the two 4*s.


Reflect weapons

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This, was going to say used to beat those teams with 4*.

Kill the command T1 is also a great option

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Really? I thought it was reflect mods and weapons that got me. I assumed it was anyway. I was like « why did half my team fall over » and then it was over.


People still be like

“Derr… I want a 5* only war” :ok_hand:

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