How do you solve a problem like region transfers?

Region transfers have been around a while now with mixed results. I think players/factions can be split up into 4 groups; Whale Chasers, Whale escapers, dead region hunters and those who don’t really care and will work with what they have.

Whales chasers:
Those chasing competition are mostly classified as “whales”, though there are some mid level factions that are transferring for this reason.
Faction A dominated their region before transfers and grew bored. They then transfer to another region to find factions on a similar level to them in hope they fight. Faction B has dominated the new region in the same way Faction A dominated theirs.
Faction A moves in and wins all the events against Faction B. Faction B become disgruntled at the fact they are no longer king and the middle tier factions become disgruntled by having 2 “whale” factions in the region.

Whale Escapers:
Faction B moves to a far easier region to dominate as they did previously. The middle tier factions move to a region that is more suited to them and largely “whale” free. The region that Faction A moved to is now dead and they again need to move to a new region and start this process again.
Faction B’s new region is now an attractive prospect to other Whale Chasers. A new faction moves in and dominates Faction B again. They again grow disgruntled and now need a new region again.

Dead Region Hunters:
Some players and factions want to find the region with the fewest players in the hope they can easily win faction and solo events. Eventually, these regions become populated with largely F2P players and it creates a very busy region. Whale escapers like faction B find this attractive and they decide to move there. Whale chasers will now see this region as somewhere they may find competition and the entire cycle starts again.

Scopelys idea to combat this is to give players a steady supply of free coins that they can use in many ways, one of which is to buy a transfer key. These coins appear to have been taken away and F2P will now struggle to move.

So, how do you solve a problem like region transfers?

When this game was in its ascent, new regions were opened to make room for the new players. This game is now in decline, in terms of player numbers, so regions should be closed.

I don’t know what the best way to implement this is. Maybe select the 50(as an example) lowest population regions and restrict them to outbound transfers only. Give everyone there a free transfer key and give them 2 months notice that events in their region will eventually stop running. This will force the active players out of the region and it will bump up the numbers in the regions that already exist.

Alternatively, you can stop AoW events. AoW is the only event that is affected by low pop regions. But if this is to happen, the lower tier prizes for CRW need to be improved to keep those opposed to CRW happy.
In AoW, search times can take 45minutes and when you do match, you end up facing the same faction that you have already faced in the 10 wars prior.

One thing i think we can all agree on is something needs to be done. Faction transfers are only going to make this problem worse. Factions are hesitant to leave as they will lose their league status. If they are allowed to keep this, there is nothing stopping them from moving to a new region and killing the region that they leave behind.

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You just listed all the reasons why it will never be solved, it’s a circular problem , that’s self sustaining.

Player apathy is a real thing at all levels but for different reasons


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