How do you get your Kindle to unfreeze?


Hello Friends…
Actually, I am facing some issue like kindle freezes. please, someone, tell me How do I get my Kindle to unfreeze? Please give your suggestions.
Thank you


Put it in the micro-wave


Thanks, worked for me.


A couple of comedians. Funny but it’s not helping her. :joy:


…let it go.


When I don’t want something frozen, I boil some water then place it on top. The steam will have it defrosted in no time.

On a serious note, I don’t have this problem on mine and therefore, I cannot provide useful assistance. Sorry.


Your pretty hot :fire: im suprised your having freezing issues! :blush: sorry ive never used a kindle sorry i cannot help. Maybe clear out some unused apps or clear out stuff using up your memory only advise i can think of…


Is your Kindle freezing in general or while playing TWD?