How do you get patient 0


Is there anyway to get patient Zero…


Players that have Patient Zero have participated during the early access of the game.

So, yes, it cannot be given to anyone by now. Only extremely verteran players have such title, saddly.



When you said it like that, I feel really extremely old…


My respects, old man.



My arthritis thanks you, dementia will kick in soon lol


You had to link to Facebook and become a skybound insider within the first couple of months didn’t you?
I didn’t bother as I thought I’d only be playing a couple of months. Here I am 2+ years later…
Support can’t, won’t or don’t know how to apply the patient 0 and bloody portrait to your account either which is a shame as it does look pretty neat.


Thank you, from a Patient Zero.


Gosh. I feel old now.


You can take mine, no use from it. I would rather have free hat.


Invent a time machine.


I did the link and became a skybound insider, sadly I did not earn a blood splatter on my portrait for this. I did however, get a 3 star tyreese, I think, and tyreese’s hammer.


I’m linked to fb, but not skybound, I don’t have that title in my older region Chattahoochee, but I am a patient zero in Chilton. From my understanding all you have to do is be one of the first 100 when a region opens, my wife joined Chilton a few mins after me and didn’t get that title, she’s still sour on that lol.


@smash and his guys whupped the ever loving shit out of us in CRW. Nicely done mate


DeLorean or GT*O


I’ve seen someone with it ON covington… Sooo it’s why I ask


Patient zero happens in every region, case in point Chilton which isn’t even a year old.


I hear its during the first few months when the region was opened.


Not really!


i’m in this game since over 2 years and i don’t have it… idk why


Do I have to say it again, you have to be one of the first 100 in that region when it opened…