How do you get n and s (autism alert)

So I have everything but n and s
I got a 5 streak in raids but when I look at my mission I see 0 out of ten… It’s bugged or I’m autistic. Tell me how to get it lol
Also nobody on my server knows wth deafeat negan means… 0/5 need help
Please tell me thx

I think you have to win 10 raids in a row with all characters alive and kill negan means to kill payback negan in raids

5 aliving in raids, no one dies on your offense

Raid or defeat Negan in RM, I believe it’s payback Negan.

SR tournament road gold 19 has payback Negan for some, I got N there. 5x farm.

I got my Negans after completing bronze SR tourny and go back to bronze 23 again and he was there.

I really need help figuring out the S. As soon as this event started i have not been able to raid anyone. Im getting insta destroyed with my S10+ team. I can sit for an hour hitting find opponent and not find any bots anymore. S is last letter i need. My rep is only about 2,000 oppents are nearly all over 10,000

There are a lot of people on région chat claiming there aren’t any negan s level 23 bronze, but I suspect they aren’t doing it right. That’s where I got my n from.

Negan appeared on bronze 23, but only after I’d completed bronze.

As for raids, not sure how important the '5 alive ’ bit is but I won more than 10 in a row, the counter didn’t go up 1 at a time either just another bug I guess?

They are not all the same. My SR road only has payback negan on Elite stage 6.

E - is it for energy refills? I’ve used refills on world map but still showing 0/3.

you have to obtain 3 energy refills

I actually had to win 11 raids in a row with all 5 team mates alive.

You can buy them in store, depot or earn them. But its to obtain instead of use.

I am finding with the raids, that sometimes it counts if I only have 4 team mates alive, sometimes it’s not counting if all 5 are alive, and they dont need to be in row, it might as well be random.

we have dropped def in ur region, won 10 battles again benny, got 5, weird

I can confirm that payback Negan does show up on Gold 19 and it DOES count toward the event.

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