How do you get 2 league only toons in the same roster?

How does someone have 2 league only toons?

i am assuming you are referring having the same character, it might be related to region transfer but should not be available since they are limited to 1 stock afaik.

You could have 2 of the same new char from Season 1 due to how Scopely handled the extra week past the end of Season 1. Shouldn’t have been possible for the new Season 2 chars.

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Are you referring to the same toon 2x? Or that they have Sandy, tara, and naya? Only duplicates should be from season 1 they reset for the last week.

This, exactly.
As long as we’re talking about season 1 toons, it’s 100% possible due to scopes being incompetent.
So which toon are we talking about?

Ahhh, gotta love abstractly vague accusations of cheating.

FFS, details details details. Because, as you can see from the other response, it matters.

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Who cares all the league toons stink. :smirk:

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Is it more likely something fishy went down or one person only found a work around?

Confidence is not strong these days.

If I saw more than 1 Sandy or Tara, I wouldn’t care because they are not that good on defense.

I don’t know, because the accusation is abstractly vague.

If he’s said “I saw someone with two of [Season 1] character” we would have known that it was legit - because we all could have got two of them because of the store reset.

However, if he’d said “I saw someone with two of [Season 2 or 3] character” we’d know shenanigans are afoot.

A screenshot would have been even better!


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