How do you find a lost watch?

My anxious and paranoid ass had forgotten where I placed my watch. I remember I had it in the house and possibly over my friends house.

I asked her brother if she finds it lemme know. It’s a stainless Steel spotalen watch. So if they do have it all you’re gonna get is 50 bucks for it.

I remember taking my keys and phone over her house and my watch was at home.
I wish I had kept a alarm on it. So if it goes off I can hear it. Rn Im waiting for the 8:11 bus to come. I remember I had it at the house and it’s not at the table. I walked to my friends house and her brother said he ain’t see it. I’m angry as hell whenever shit goes missing. Bf asically. Yall ever lose something but never find and you’re pissed as hell because it just disappears into a dimension to never be seen again.

My mom may have taken cause she said It’s not in her bag. As hte door was locked. It’s either in her bag, At my friends house. I just hope I find it.

I think I found it. Is this it?


Lmao no. I had prayed and next thing you know I check my duffel bag and it’s there! A stainless steel spotalen watch may not be worth alot. Bronze, silver, gold platinum, diamond can be.

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Closing at OP’s request.

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