How do you feel about the new Andrea Shield?


Isn’t it even more useless and time wasting to post on a forum, about a game, you don’t enjoy anymore :thinking:


How is this worse?

I mean we have blind offers claiming to have amazing final offers after spending $200+. The ending value is always trash.

We have a premier wheel with 1% chance. Cost on average $300 or so to get the premier.

Now they give you something at a fixed price with full awareness of what it offers. And you call it worse. Lol.

It’s not worse. It’s actually pretty clear what the value is. Take it or leave it. End of day spending is a choice.


Yup. As is smoking. I can choose to quit whenever i want. Damned if that chemical dependency dont make it a bish, though.


I gotta spend money on food everyday… damm biology dependency…


Huh? Food is a necessity. Not an addiction.


You can kick addictions, you can’t kick necessities. Your unwillingness to kick an addiction is why you have a problem.


Okie dokie smokie. :roll_eyes:





Im talking about people pushing these new functionnalities and offers. It just seems like everytime there’s a new thing, its desperately aiming at one thing only (cashgrabbing in case you asked) and everytime they push their new thrilling ideas its always further away from what players would want.
In terms of business its just lame af and completely out of reality. Its just as if netflux would say to customers “hey, you stopped the 9$ subscription because content was boring ? Why dont you try the 25$ sub to see all that lame content in 4k ?”


It’s a good deal, but I expect there to be some kind of a catch. Also I fully blame JB for the way he teased everyone with a free shield when in reality it clearly isn’t free. Don’t think we can call mistakes like those “rookie” mistakes anymore.


I just don’t feel anything anymore


LOL. This is so true. We all get here eventually.


The day when we celebrate :tada:.


You know it :heart::heart:


awwwww. body seems unclear use a complete sentence.


After thinking on the whole Survivor League thing for a day or two, I can’t shake the feeling of disappointment. The gap between ptw and ftp is already difficult to overcome. I finally built a ftp team that can compete with the many Erica or Magna teams. Soon as the Andrea teams start to show up, will be right back in the same place of not being able to compete.

It is not that I can’t afford the monthly subscription, it is that Nothing in my experience leads me to believe that the makers of this “game” have any interest in actually making it better. Why should I pay a monthly fee to continue to play against hackers and cheaters? No amount of cash will create a team that has a chance against someone who is allowed to run blatantly hacked perfect everything.

Been playing almost since the beginning. Lots of good times with my faction mates, but I don’t know. It seems evermore clear that Scopely is intent on pushing ftp completely out of the game.


$25 * 1,000 = $25k/month

Adds up pretty quickly


Yup. Now I understand that it is people that spend on the game that keep the lights on. They are the reason ftp mooches like myself have a game to play. It is the same thing in all games based on this model. Whales pay for power, ftp players are the fodder that get farmed. The fine line is maintaining the appearance of competitiveness. Unfortunately, this appearance is evaporating.


I don’t think she is a “gamechanger”. Sure, she has leader skill and specialist skill, that’s kinda a big deal, but would you really use a shield as a leader?! :confused:
and she is more like a tank for offense and not for defense.