How do you feel about the AI changes?

There are more than one Andrea that can lead

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Isn’t the 40% calculated from base ap?
But yeah you’re probably right so all the cries about too much ap on def are our imagination i guess especially if def has the ap on def tower

The leader and weapon combined with the 20 is the Base.

AP from the weapon Specials (8% and 20%) and AP from active skills are not included in or get any benefit from the extra 40%

Also i can’t if you’re being sarcastic or not. I think everyone is on high alert and is over scrutinizing every detail.

he’s talking about blue andrea…and yes in raids without towers toons are gaining 42 after 1 turn (non ap leads). Bane explained to me this normal, but it feels different so idk :man_shrugging:t4:

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It’s not normal. Something is off.

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From combat man himself

Coining is spot on, I haven’t seen one coin revive yet. Normally by now we would have encountered a few but not a single coin revive yet.

Not sarcastic, really think there’s no real extra ap for def issue that many are complaining about all weekend. This was the only case in which i thought something was off and now i understand it isn’t. And that was without a tower buff that would have made it even a bit more

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You have to raid with shield toons now smh it’s annoying since you have to sacrifice a toon in your team

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From my personal point of view it’s like I woke up to an entirely new game if that makes sense.

There are things happening that simply should not be happening, toons rushing ridiculously fast, mysterious HP loops, it’s mind boggling.

22 war cans down, the most expensive war weekend I’ve had since 2016, and I’m at peace that for some possibly it truly is a matter of being bugged not just difficult.



Why don’t you respond here.


if you did this post mod removal and spent scrap, you would better understand why TPTB sells scrap/include them in prizes left and right.

They need to go back to default computer trait on trait atk. This is ridiculous. I use a michone lead with huge Ap when being attacked weps for synergy, now I have to use a shield which makes this team useless. This update doesn’t hurt the Alice/Diego teams but the middle of the road players just trying to keep up.

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i agree withh all that has been said this is by far the game killer for most if not all og ftp gluck getting new people in this game now its actualy ruined now good job

Just by looking at some comments, I feel like this…

Why do I want to sit there trying to beat a team for 30 rounds, put the AI back to where it was or people will leave, it’s Not Fun and this is a Game go figure

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I understand what your saying about the tool kit, this is not going to happen, it’s a Promo or nothing, so we have to revert back to how it was, I’m using a Average def at the moment and apart from top 10 teams I’m not getting beaten (there lies the problem) i.e. this update caters for super Whales Only. Personally if you want the game to continue and I’m sure you do it has to change :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m a moderate spender who’s always been in top 2 factions. I don’t have premier toons because my rng luck sucks, but I got by. Not the fastest or hardest hitter but I played my part. I’ve worked damned hard to keep up with the big spenders in my factions. Suddenly all that hard work has been obliterated. I’m losing to teams I was beating 6 months ago or longer. Losing 3 out of 4 attacks in wars where I would have beaten everyone before. Haven’t won a single battle with all 5 standing.

Any part of this game that was still fun is now gone, activity in my faction this war is the lowest I’ve ever seen. If they don’t fix it they’re going to lose a lot of players, not just ftp. As others have said we can’t adapt to the AI changes if we don’t have the tools to do it with. So what alternative does that leave us?


Im done with the game. Update made my roaster i builded for 3 years useless with one punch. THX scopley.


For everyone without a Whale tool kit IMG_2378