How do you do it? Insights por favor

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

After yet another disappointing token pull,prestige pull, character token pull/armory fail/event pull.
I find myself wondering why I still play, If everybody was lucky all the time, the game would be boring.
Being lucky none of the time is a tough road to walk, yet here I am, garbage weapons and hand me down toons. So despite all of that, why do I still play? My faction is great, even greater than the time the undertaker threw mankind of the top of the hell in a cell and he plummeted sixteen feet through an announcers table.

Can I also have the scopely definition of rare? it doesn’t match up with the dictionary’s interpretation

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I would delete the “PS” - dont give them ideas, at least 3* give you depot points, if they swap them for 2* you will just get some food :-)))))

If it’s that bad for you, then quit. No need to make an emo topic looking for validation.

Your right… your account luck sux… u should go back to consoles.


Hey… dont feel bad.

My wife and i both play… and she has gotten more 5* pulls from single coin pulls than i can count on one hand. We have BOTH done multiple 10 pulls … at same time usually and have never recieved a 5* in any of them… she is ahead of me in regards to pulls… annnnd she has far more success with armory than i do too… its like every 2nd time she goes for unicorn specials she gets it… me? Hardly… so… your not alone in the no/bad luck department… i just keep pluggin away cuz i enjoy the game and the ppl… ill get there when i get there and i dont ever expect my golden goose NOW… enjoy where your at… or dont… easy peasy.


I was in that same space in my first old region of the game. Couldnt get nothing worth celebrating it was terrible but I hung in it because I grew smart and learn how to beat tough players and make a good team out of what I had. My advice would be to start a new region my luck change completely along with other players I knew similar to me as well, pulls were better, armory was better(alot) and roster was better.

Thanks for the insight, pretty helpful, added absolutely nothing to the topic but hey, you did something productive today, you sir are an inspiration and truly a king amongst men.

Yeah that could be a new way to look at it, thanks for the insight, funny how that works when you don’t aim to be a johnson, pleasant interaction