How do you become a Scopley insider and get the free 5* rick?



Do I have to be signed into facebook?


Link account with Facebook


I’m still waiting on him


Joined Insiders and linked Facebook account and yet can find no mention of this free Rick anywhere.


Long time insider and facebook linked. Nothing.


It’s listed in play store when you go under the game



Only thing is not sure is it just for new people that linked account by what it says there seems like only new people that linked




If u could list step by step pls. Still not finding this


Nvm. I see u r referring to Google play store. Not my device


I’m on iOS I’m a Skybound insider and I have not got him another in my region did tho so idk what’s going on with it


Same here…


When I first started playing it was for 3* Tyrese there was a link account for Skybound button in options where you link Facebook if you go to and your game is linked to Facebook you can become an insider by linking to your Facebook


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