How do you beat this team?


Sorry for not being able to get a screenshot of mods but just assume the impossible. Wasted all my territory energy trying to figure this out. Frustrating but loads of fun. How would any of you guys approach this team?

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Decaps and focus toons would help.


Uninstalling the game and finding a new one beats any team!!


First one I’ve heard call stall-revive teams “fun”.

Anyway, since it’s a territory team, you can break the team down by killing just one toon, then fleeing. Costs more energy, but eventually it’ll be 5 on 4, then 3, etc

Personally, I’d use a disarm on the shields, a defense down (from a rush, an active, a weapon special, etc), and a decap to put them down and keep them down


Drop £100 x

Alice lead

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Kate. Kill the revives clean up the rest.



You know it’ll take more than 100

Wandy as if you still here! You can get cheaper punishments ya know! X

Only willing to pay if your the one holding the whip. :wink:

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Dunno if focus or if someone like Chris would benefit with all the abs defense but I mean…

These teamsdont stand a chance against Alice.

I’m f2p and I can beat that team in 3-5 turns just need focus and decap disarm also helps.

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Yea op! F2P can beat that team easy, just use disarm and decap, 2 skills that F2P doesnt really get unless lucky :roll_eyes:

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It’s doable

I use taunt on shield teams. If you can keep them from putting up a shield you can pick off the rest pretty easily

Hold on hold on hold on.

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Spend $1,000 more dollars next time a decap comes around?

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Kill one at a time I do that even though I waste energy