How do you beat these Carl teams?

Just wondering what everyone else uses to beat these Carl teams. I can beat them generally so long as it only has 1 Shiva or a shield, but anything stronger than that its pure luck whether I beat them or not due to the 2 green Stun weapons only going off every now and then. I dont have Shiva or any real strong Melee toons, and my ranged is good but not heaps strong either.

What do you guys use?

With ease given war timer is so long, making a timeout team is pretty difficult. For raids easy enough though. But you need decent weapons.

Mira is your best friend :wink:


I seem to still get smashed with miranomoreboobs, I’ve got her (no stun gun) tyrese, Abe, Dwight and then a 5* blue usually. I’ve got another 2 Tye and Siddick ready to ascend, but I was going to use my bennedickts to ascend Maggie… Maybe…

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what meeh said

Ascend Siddiq first. That confuse active skill and command will work wonders for you


I was tossing up between him and tye, cause tye’s rush is pretty strong, but yeah I could do with a confuse I think.

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Siddiq comm speeds ur team up. Siddiq without question!


I beat almost all Carl teams (unless my whole team get stunned) and 75% of mira teams (depends if mira gets killed 1st turn)

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What weapon mods do you have?

Did okay as such with this

New team as of this war, doing miles better, and not so bad against Mira led teams depending on chars there of course

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I got lucky and beaten a S3++ Carl team with Zeke using a S2+ team with Mirabiker, Minigun Vik, Tripp, Clark, and Wyatt. Once.

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I go thru pretty much any team with this attack team and end tank teams no matter the set up in like 3 or 4 turns unless rng screws me over. Long as jeremiah goes off its just me one shotting u after that.

Stun sword on Javier and Carl
vl ap on attack, huge on def, 30 attack on mira
30 attack 30 def huge ap on attack on shiva
30 def 30 hp huge ap on attack on zeke

F2P team, Rose which was a war prize can be replaced with neutra Bruce or Jeremiah if you have him. Stun on attack for Zeke, high damage weapons for Miras


How a faction member handles most Carl teams. One Glenn command rushes other rnd 2 for attack buff then auto run to finish.


Geez, thats one hell of a team!

Carl Defense Team with Human Shield

Carl Defense Team Without Human Shield



Carl’s active skill hits one of the 2 Glenns. If it misses both he turn 2 rushes both Shivas.

He’d be happy to show it off himself but he is passionate in his opinions and could possibly, maybe, might be under the dread 1,000 year forum ban.